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Максим Радишевский

Electrician Construction Designer

Vous cherchez du travail dans: Belgique, Lituanie, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Tchéquie Budowa, architektura, Construction, architecture, Gebäude, Architektur, Stavebnictví, architektura, Будівництво, архітектура, Строительство, архитектура

Parle les langues: Anglais

Radishevski Maksim. Male, 36 years old, born March 11, 1983


+375295927710 ( Viber, Watsupp) - preferred method of communication


+375 44 5585208 Skype: Radist0075


Looking for a job, preferably related to my education and work experience. Considering the official workability in Europe.


Lives: Minsk. Citizenship: Belarus. Ready to move, ready to travel


Education: Higher education: 2007 Polotsk state University. University degree Radiotechnica, Radio engineer. The level of English - Intermediate.

I have experience in the design and construction of oil and gas, as well as in the civil sphere in the construction, housing industry of the electrical sections of the project, automation, communications, security systems.

From 2006-2007 - worked as an electrician and installer of automation cabinets.

From 2007-20011 - electrician-designer Vitesbkgrazhdanproekt. Designed residential buildings and administrative buildings.

From 2011-2016 - worked in the design department of the oil plant Naftan. Designed electrical sections of the project, communication systems and safety of oil installations of the plant.

From 2016 to 2017 - worked in the design department of Belarusneft-Neftekhimproekt. Designed electrical sections of the project, communication systems and security of gas stations, tank farms and storage tanks.

2018-2019 - I work as a chief specialist in communication and automation systems in the design department of the company Holod International Plus.

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Publié: 2019-06-03

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